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If you are looking for rifle scopes for sale in Australia, look no further than Camo Warehouse, as we have a fantastic range of rifle scopes and hunting scopes offering options for all of your shooting requirements. Regardless of whether you are a beginner looking for cheap scopes for sale or experienced and searching for high quality products with night vision or illuminated reticles, we have the products and the knowledge to help you find what will work best. Hunting scopes in Australia are very popular, as aiming with a shooting scope is far easier than lining up the rifle iron sights and with magnification, the target is easier to see and hence makes for a more precise shot.


If you are going to select the right sport optics you are going to need to understand the differences in scopes available, and to do that you need to understand not only what the specifications mean, but how this can seriously affect the scope’s performance. The two sets of numbers on each scope relate firstly to the magnification strength, while the second is the diameter of the front lenses. The big question to ask yourself is what you are going to be shooting at, from how far away and how big is the target?


Choosing Long Range Scopes For Sale

If you are hunting for reasonable sized game with some cover available, chances are you won’t need a long range scope as most of your shots will be little more than a hundred meters or so, with a clear field of view meaning the closer the target, the less magnification you are going to need, while for long range shooting, or for smaller targets, a higher magnification range is needed. Variable magnification is a good option, as it allows you the best of both worlds.


The next choice comes about the front lens, where much will depend on what time of day you are shooting and the distance you are going to have to carry it, as larger lenses weigh significantly more. However if you are likely to be shooting in low light situations, larger lenses are a better option, providing a clearer image, along with a wider background view.


Zeiss Shooting Scopes in Australia

Camo Warehouse have a huge variety of scopes, for every shooter, including Zeiss, Leupold and Bushnell, along with many other leading brands. We understand all of the features of the different scopes and are ready to advise you about the correct scope for hunting or for target shooting which is where the reticle comes into importance. The Reticle, which is more commonly known as the crosshairs on the sights come in a variety of designs. The standard cross hair reticle was the first designed for riflescopes and is excellent for very precise target shooting.


For the experienced shooter we have long range scopes for sale which incorporate Mil Dot reticles, to assist in estimating distances between you and the target and ballistic reticles, which help to consider the amount a bullet will drop by due to gravity.


Camo Warehouse is the best place whether you need a long range scope, a tactical scope, or even one that is fog proof. We offer friendly payment options, which include Afterpay, where you can pay with four interest free payments of equal amounts, or you can choose the Zip option, where you select your scope, Zip pay for it and we send it to you, and allow you to choose how you are going to pay Zip, again, interest free. With the best range of rifle scopes for sale and the best deals, Camo Warehouse is the only place to shop.